Our Mission Statement

Seashore Technology shall be a leading, preferred and profitable provider of special products to the oil and gas industry.
We shall provide our customers with reliable and efficient services.
We shall conduct our business to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards

Our Quality Policy

Our operations at Seashore Technology AS (STAS) shall be characterized by achieving high quality results through effective quality management in all stages of our services.
STAS’s activities shall be accomplished in a safe manner, so that people’s life and health, environmental and material values are protected.
We shall supply merchandise and services to our customers in accordance with internal criteria, contract terms and authority requirements.
Our relationship to our suppliers and business partners shall be orderly, and conform to entered agreements and demands made by the authorities.
We shall establish bonds with suppliers and business partners whom satisfactorily fulfill our criteria for quality assurance.
We shall achieve the desired quality through employing qualified and motivated personnel, use up-to-date technology and effective management routines.
All employees at STAS are obligated to comply with the demands and procedures that are contained in the quality assurance manual.
Responsibility for executing work of a highest standard and in accordance with our procedures is at all times the onus of the person who carries out the work.
Development, execution and maintenance of quality assurance are the line foreman’s responsibility.  The manager in charge of quality assurance has the overall responsibility for supervision and track of the quality systems to esnsure that it functions as intended.


For Seashore  Technology AS

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